Fastest Smartphone in Q1 2016 is not From Samsung, Says AnTuTu

AnTuTu Benchmark AM AH 1

Every quarter, AnTuTu puts out a report based on the information they receive from people benchmarking their smartphones, and tablets during the quarter as to which phone is the fastest. Now these scores that AnTuTu lists are the average score from the tests. So it’s not giving you the highest, nor the lowest. As we all know these smartphones can benchmark different numbers based on a variety of factors (what apps are open, what network it’s connected to, if it was started from a cold boot, etc). Now with the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge getting all of the praise lately, you’d expect either of those to be in the top spot, but they aren’t.

According to the chart below, the fastest device is the Xiaomi Mi 5 (even though AnTuTu misspelled the name). Followed by the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, and iPhone 6S which round out the top 3 and those that averaged over 100,000. In fact these three were between 133,000 and 136,000 making it a close call. We also have the Huawei Mate 8, Meizu Pro 5, Samsung Galaxy Note 5, LETV Max, iPhone 6, Vivo Xplay 5 (Standard Edition) and the Samsung Galaxy S6 coming in tenth.


Now many of you probably noticed that the LG G5 was absent from this list. The LG G5 actually launched on April 1st, which is Q2. Now reviewers did have LG G5 units prior to that time – not to mention all the benchmarking happening at Mobile World Congress – it likely wasn’t enough results to be included in this list. For the most part this list consists of Samsung devices and those from China, aside from the iPhone 6S. We’ll likely see the LG G5 appear in the Q2 performance report from AnTuTu. If you are really interested to see what LG G5 got on AnTuTu, well you’re in luck. As we have the scores in our review.

It’s important to remember that benchmarks don’t mean everything. Just because the Xiaomi Mi 5, Galaxy S7 Edge and the iPhone 6S were in the top 3, doesn’t mean that they are the absolute fastest devices. That all depends on what you’re doing with the device, what apps you have installed and running and so forth. But this does show what these devices are capable of.