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Modern mobile technology has led to the smartphones in our pockets becoming just about every gadget in one, from a gaming console to a camera and even a computer. Naturally, one of the billions of things that one can do with their smartphone is ordering pizza. Historically, ordering pizza has gotten easier and easier over the years. At one point, ordering pizza required walking into a pizzeria. With the advent of the phone, a simple call could net you that succulent pie. Later, ordering through the internet eliminated having to speak to another human being to acquire delicious pizza. Most recently, mobile apps have become the quickest and easiest way to order. One such mobile app, however, stands head and shoulders above the others in sheer speed and ease of use. Domino's has rolled out the pinnacle of pizza ordering technology, available on the Play Store in the form of their Zero Click app.

The app is incredibly simple, but does require a little bit of setup before use. First, you have to set up a Pizza Profile on Domino's web site, which includes things that are essential to the safe arrival of your pie at your home, such as your address, phone number and credit card information. From there, you can set up an Easy Order, which allows you to order in five simple clicks. A pre-defined meal will be delivered to a pre-defined location and charged to a pre-defined card. Rather than using the Easy Order function from within the main Domino's app, however, you can order with no clicks whatsoever by simply launching the Zero Click app and waiting ten seconds, during which you can cancel the order.


The Zero Click ordering revolution may not have taken off just yet, but Domino's is offering you the chance to be ahead of the curve and get a glimpse of a click-free future, where delicious pizza at your doorstep is just a trip to the app drawer away, or a click of an icon for users of launchers without app drawers. The technically inclined can, of course, launch the app via Android Debug Bridge on a PC tethered to their phone. Check out the images below, showing pretty much every crevice and corner of the app or head through the link below to test the app out for yourself.


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