Dark Sword Is A Fast-Paced Hack ‘N’ Slash RPG Game

April 13, 2016 - Written By Kristijan Lucic

Games have become an integral part of the smartphone experience. Smartphone hardware keeps on becoming more powerful by the day, and that leaves developers plenty of room to improve not only graphics in mobile games, but also the gameplay itself. In the last couple of years we’ve seen tons of interesting titles released by various developers, and some of them we never thought we’d get a chance to play on smartphones. And it does not matter whether you are more interested in casino games or RPGs. For those that like casino-based gamed, then Android phones bring a whole new world of entertainment to your fingertips.  You can play a variety of casino games from literally anywhere in the world and best of all online casino software for your android is absolutely free. While those who like RPG tiles might want to check out a new one that has become available, especially if you’re into hack ‘n’ slash games.

The game in question is called the ‘Dark Sword’, and this is a hack ‘n’ slash RPG title released by the NANOO COMPANY Inc. This developer has already delivered two games for Android devices, both of which were quite popular, the Exit Hero and Tap Quest: Gate Keeper. Now, the Dark Sword offers interesting graphics we’ve already seen before, the so-called ‘dark silhouette’ approach. The game is basically designed to be black and white (different shades of those color), though once the battle begins, you’ll see various other colors appear, some representing blood, others sword swipes, etc. During the game, you will battle various enemies, and there’s also a story behind your quest. The dark dragon has closed the gate to the sun, which explains the no light situation, and because of it, all the living creatures have become dark and mad it seems. Your goal is, of course, to defeat the dark dragon. This is technically a side scrolling hack and slash RPG, and you will be required to improve your character and its weapons. There are over 100 levels available here, and tons of monsters for you to fight. If you find the game to be too easy to play, there’s always the ‘hardcore mode’ which will test your abilities. Do keep in mind that the game has some odd bug at the moment which prevents certain devices from playing, it says that the ‘cheat program’ has been detected and simply won’t let you in. It happened to me on one of my devices, and I did notice quite a few people had issues in the comments, the developer will, hopefully, fix the bug soon.

That being said, the Dark Sword is free to download and play, though do keep in mind that in-app purchases are available here. There are several official images available in the gallery down below, if you’d like to take a better look at the game’s gameplay before you purchase it.