Counterpoint: Galaxy S7 & Edge Sales 25% Higher Than S6 & Edge


The Galaxy S7 and the Galaxy S7 Edge are the latest smartphones to come from Samsung. These are smartphones which followed in the footsteps of the popular re-envisioning of the Galaxy series with the previous model, the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. In spite of specs and some cosmetics differences, they were very much in keeping with the Galaxy S6. However, it is starting to seem that when it comes to sales, the two handsets are very different with reports suggesting the Galaxy S7 duo are clearly outselling their predecessors. Since the two devices became available, the market and consumers in general have been watching closely to see how the devices perform, with reports coming through as early as Marc 11 suggesting the Galaxy S7 devices were selling better than their predecessors in areas like Europe. A point which is reconfirmed today in the latest report.

According to the details which are based on preliminary results from a Counterpoint survey of over forty countries, the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge are outperforming the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge in most regions. As to be expected the results do differ from region to region with the U.S. said to be 30-percent higher than the Galaxy S6/Edge sales, Europe to be 20-percent higher and China 10-percent higher. In fact, the results suggest that in some regions the increase is as much as 50-percent, with Counterpoint noting that the only region in which they are seeing "flat year over year" growth is their home region, South Korea. Which in some respects might not be as negative as it sounds. With Samsung having such a dominant presence in South Korea, it is likely they are hitting somewhat of a ceiling in terms of how much they can grow. While in the other regions, growth is possible and the latest results do seem to be suggesting they are achieving that growth with their latest handsets.


In terms of interpreting these results, Counterpoint note that Samsung made some very specific and clever moves this year which helped the launch. One of which was ensuring that in spite of the cost of the handsets, they were seen as value packages due to them being combined with various promotions like the free Gear VR headset and VR content bundle. Likewise and specifically in terms of the U.S. market, Counterpoint note that the decision by Samsung to release the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge in March (and earlier than usual) worked in their favor. With the results of the analysis being that Samsung has shipped in excess of 10 million handsets globally, an across the board improvement of 25-percent compared to the twin Galaxy S6 handsets. One interesting point to note is that Counterpoint suggest the breakdown of units ships comes in as 47-percent for the Galaxy S7 Edge and 53-percent for the Galaxy S7.

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