Corning Officially announces 'Vibrant Gorilla Glass'

AH Corning Logo 1

Corning is responsible for the glass that you see on the front and back of many smartphones these days. Whenever you hear “Gorilla Glass”, that’s Corning that’s behind it. Corning Gorilla Glass is supposedly super scratch resistant and can take a pounding – or as much of a pounding as glass can take. Today, Corning announced “Vibrant Gorilla Glass”. Now what Vibrant Gorilla Glass is, is a way for Corning to print permanent images onto the glass panels. We’ve all heard of engraving phones – Apple does it the most with their iPhones and iPads – but what about getting your own image to go on the back of the phone? Corning says that the process that they use to put images onto glass can create “outstanding resolution and sharpness”. So you won’t be getting  a low-res picture, or one that doesn’t look very sharp. Corning also says that the turn-around time is nice and quick.

Is as normal with these types of announcements, Corning hasn’t stated when the Vibrant Gorilla Glass will actually be available to manufacturers. But it shouldn’t be too far out. Vibrant Gorilla Glass could be a pretty big deal in the next few years. Lately, smartphone makers have been all about customization. Could you imagine Motorola or another company allowing you to put your own image on your new smartphone through Moto Maker? Now the downside to that is the fact that the image would be there forever. Much like an engraving. but the customization would be endless here. Since these are full-colored images. Corning says that the Vibrant Gorilla Glass can be used on “smartphones, tablets or notebooks”. Which should make for some interesting products coming down the pipeline soon.


Customization has become a pretty big selling feature in the last few years for smartphone makers, and it’s likely going to continue in that direction. Corning is definitely looking to capitalize on that and get what they can with Vibrant Gorilla Glass. The best thing about this is that the glass should still be fairly scratch proof and tough. Something that Gorilla Glass is pretty well known for.