Computer Science Petition Gains High-Profile Tech Backing


Well-known petition website often hosts high-profile petitions that hit close to home for many people. One such petition is one asking the Federal government to support funding that would allow every school in the United States to give students the opportunity to study computer science. Arguably one of the most valuable and future-proof fields of study out there, computer science and all of its sub-fields only see about 50,000 new graduates entering the field per year, according to data pulled for the wording of the petition. By virtue of that same data, there are about 500,000 spots in computer science jobs that currently need to be filled and, with technologies like self-driving cars and artificial intelligence becoming more mainstream and more advanced each day, that number is most likely to only grow.

The petition speaks of a number of school districts that have already met with great success in integrating computer science courses into their curriculum, with a great many of those personally financially backed by teachers, parents, the school board and local government leaders. According to the petition, a large number of interested parties have already banded together to put $48 million on the table to work toward this goal. The petition is requesting, for starters, an extra $250 million from the Federal government, along with initiatives to grow, maintain and distribute that funding to give every child in America, cited as the technological leader of the world, a chance to study computer science.


The petition has garnered a good number of signatures, but is still 901 short of its 7,000 signature goal as of writing. Among those signatures, however, is a veritable who's who of parties that would benefit from this, most of whom are in places of power, such as CEOs, school board officials and government officials. Names like Eric Schmidt, Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos adorn the list of powerful people signing and promoting this petition, among many others. 28 state governors, as well as a number of school board and nonprofit leaders have also pledged their support. The petition is snowballing on Twitter under the hashtag #csforall and, upon reaching a good number of signatures, will be presented to the United States Congress and the United States House of Representatives. While the petition will likely require additional taxes in some districts, many think that it will be worth it in the future, resulting in strong support for the movement. Head through the source link to check out the petition for yourself and, if you're so inclined, become one of the 901 signatures still needed to reach the goal, or help surpass it.

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