Brings High-Quality Content To The Play Store


There are tons of apps available on the Play Store where one could access comedy, from proper streaming service apps like Hulu or Netflix that offer access to standup shows and specials, to more pinpointed apps like NBC's recently launched Seeso app that came out earlier this year. There are likely fewer applications available though that have a vision for connecting users with original and high-quality comedy content from tons of different comedians. That's what is doing, and their app is now available on the Play Store following the official announcement about the launch on both Android and iOS.

The idea behind is simple. Access funny videos, and "die laughing" according to the app's description. These aren't just any funny videos though, as has sought to create an outlet for high-quality short-form comedy videos that come from specifically chosen groups of comedians. states that all of the comedy creators you'll find within the application are handpicked, which means this is not the type of app where you'll find potentially funny videos from just any user who wishes to upload content. The idea is to deliver comedy with high production value and deliver an unprecedented amount of laughs in the process.

Advertisement is a free app to download and install so there's no subscription fee required to permit users access (although it does require either a Facebook login or an account creation), and there are new videos added to the mix on a daily basis so there should always be something new to watch no matter when you have the time to look through what's there. features a material design style interface so visually things are up to date and it should be easy to use. The home feed will always pop up trending videos for you to watch if you simply want to browse through what's available, but you can also favorite the comedians you like the most and simply cruise through whatever it is they have coming in at any time, and the app learns from your interaction to give you a more personalized feed of content each time you open it. If you like a video and you laughed quite a bit, you can utilize the "LOL button" to show you enjoyed the content. Think of this as being's version of the like buttons in Facebook or Twitter.