Catch Up on your Favorite TV Land Shows with their Official App

April 21, 2016 - Written By Alexander Maxham

TV Land seems to be a popular network among those older folks, simply because they often show some of the classic TV shows from the 80’s, 90’s and even some before that. However, TV Land also has some of their original comedy series and sitcoms that air on the network. Which you can now watch on your smartphone, if you happen to miss an episode or two, or the entire season. Some of the shows included in the app are Younger, the Jim Gaffigan Show, and Lopez, not to mention a few others. As is the case with most other apps from networks, you’ll need to login with your cable or satellite provider to unlock all of the content from within the app. Because TV Land needs their money too.

With the app, you’ll see sneak peaks of new series, they are currently touting Lopez, which is an all-new series starring George Lopez (who’s had a few of his own shows in recent years). All of the original TV Land episodes will be available the day after they air, similar to Hulu. Not to mention you will get HD streaming for all of the originals that air on TV Land. The app does allow you to watch videos in both portrait or landscape mode. TV Land does work on both Android smartphones and tablets. So if you are using either one, you’ll be fine.

Now, unfortunately, TV Land is only available in the US. However that should expand in the near future. TV Land is also stating that Chromecast support will be coming soon to the app. It’s honestly a bit surprising that it’s not already available. The TV Land app is free, and there are no in-app purchases. Where TV Land makes their money is through your Cable or Satellite Provider. Because you do need to login with your provider to get access to the content. We could see TV Land do like HBO, and make a standalone subscription worth a few bucks a month. Which would definitely be ideal for those cord-cutters out there. You can pick up the app using the button below.

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