Android TV: Nexus Player Returns, In Stock At The Google Store

OK, it is April Fools’ Day and those reading this are probably inclined to believe this is a joke, but it does not seem to be. Or at least, if it is a joke, is not one that we are aware of but the Nexus Player is back in stock at the Google Store. Granted, it is priced at full cost, $99, which to a number of people will not be worth purchasing anyway. But the very fact that it is in stock, is worth noting.

For those that have not been following this particular news thread, the Nexus Player, Google’s consumer proof of concept Android TV device had been believed to be effectively discontinued. Of course, this was never officially announced by Google, but all the indications pointed to the likelihood that it was. For background, this is a product which has been out of stock on the Google Store for the best part of the last six months, if not longer. What really hit home though is that over those six months, the Nexus Player slowly but surely starting running out of stock though all of the major retailers. In fact, some stores like Staples completely removed it from their store listings, so you could not physically even land on a Nexus Player page anymore. The only store that did seem to maintain stock throughout the last six months was Best Buy. Although over the time, their price fluctuated massively before the Nexus Player eventually became reduced to an 'online only' purchase (no store pick up) before finally becoming listed as out of stock at Best Buy too. Which was presumed to be the end of the story.

And now here we are. Three weeks after the last store finally pulled the shutters down on their stock levels and now suddenly the Google Store has stock again. At the moment, it is largely unclear how much stock they have, whether retailers will again start stocking and selling the Nexus Player or what. At present, they do also still seem to be listing no stock. Either way, if you have been wanting to pick up a Nexus Player and somehow missed all of the deals that have been going on over the last year and are willing to pay the full ticket price for it, then head through the link below.

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