Android N May Be Setting Up Android To Be More VR Focused

Android as an operating system for mobile devices is many things, and with each new version Google prepares it for a transformation whether big or small. Not all versions are huge leaps forward of course, and that seems to be the case with Android N thus far. There isn't too much of a deviation from the last two versions of Android, but that doesn't mean that there aren't any changes at all to look forward to if the first and now second developer preview for Android N is any indication. With the second developer preview having just launched earlier this week, there are a few new things to discover that make up the whole of what Google is going to push out to devices later on this year, like the new Android N folders, or the ability to have more granular control over notifications .

While it may not have much to do with the final version of Android N when it launches to the public, the second dev preview makes references to virtual reality called "VR Helper Services" and "VR Listener Services," although there isn't really any detail as to what these services are going to be for at this point in time. The fact they exist though suggests that Google could be preparing Android as a mobile platform to have more of a focus on VR natively, which shouldn't be too much of a shock considering how big virtual reality is becoming.

While there is no detailed explanation of how Google plans to implement these parts of the software, it's suggested that they will in a way act as a place for users to see which apps may integrate with the API. There's also a reference made to a new mode within the system software called "VR Mode" that more than likely becomes enabled whenever users are interacting with VR devices that may be connected to their phone. It's also possible that Google could be laying this software groundwork in preparation for their rumored upcoming VR hardware, and perhaps VR Mode, as well as the other VR settings will work in conjunction with that in some way.

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