Android N Gives Wallpaper Options for Home and Lock Screen


In something of a surprising move, Google released the first preview of Android N not too long ago, but just yesterday they followed up with a new, second preview of Android N. As with most other Android updates, more and more has been coming out as a result of this second preview, and this latest find is an interesting little tweak, and one that other users will no doubt have been enjoying for some time. Android has – natively – allowed for two different wallpapers, one on the lock screen and one for your launcher's home screen, but it hasn't always had the option to choose which one is which. Most manufacturers – such as LG, HTC, Samsung et al – add in the option to choose where to set which image or wallpaper, but not Google seems to be adding it into their own launcher.

This new feature appears to be have been added to the new Google App that comes as part of Android N, itself version 5.12.16.NYC.21, which adds the option to set a wallpaper as either a home or lock screen wallpaper, or both. In previous versions of the Google app, the default Android launcher only offered a choice between the home screen or to set a wallpaper as both. This is a fairly minor change, but it's something that a lot of users will no doubt have been asking to hit stock Android for a long, long time now. Those looking to get this new feature on their Marshmallow-powered Android device will be disappointed to hear that as the new version of the Google app is odexed, it won't run on versions below Android N. Still, there's a chance that this will be ported to previous versions by enterprising developers.


The more likely outcome is that Google release an update to the Google App that's available in the Google Play Store and bring over the changes to the Google Now Launcher, too. Either way, Android N is carrying on with the piling-on of new features and subtle changes, and this is just one more example. Those running the second preview of Android N will be able to give this a try for themselves, and other users will probably already have the functionality added by their device manufacturer.

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