Android How-To: Add Speed Limit Functionality To Google Maps

April 12, 2016 - Written By Mihai Matei

Google Maps is without a doubt one of the most popular maps applications in the world, but as widespread as it may be, it’s not the perfect solution and users have been waiting for certain features to be added for a relatively long time. One specific feature that is missing from Google Maps since its conception is a speedometer, despite the fact that some rival applications out there aren’t lacking in this category. There’s no telling when Google might add this feature to its popular Maps service, but fortunately, now there is a way to add a speedometer to Google Maps through a third party application. Here’s what you need to know.

“Velociraptor – Map Speed Limit” is a third party application available to download for free from the Google Play Store. In a nutshell, the application is fairly simple and allows users to add a floating speedometer on top of Google Maps. The widget can display the speed limitations for your current location, which can be very useful for drivers using Google Maps as their primary tool for navigation. To use the application, you will first need to download it from the Google Play Store. Once you open the app you will be greeted with a settings screen which will allow you to quickly set up Velociraptor for use in conjunction with Google Maps. You will need to grant location permissions for the app, enable “Draw Over Other Apps”, and enable accessibility in order for the app to be able and display speed limit information. The application also allows you to choose between Imperial and Metric system, and set a speeding tolerance for when you should receive a warning notification. Once the application has been set accordingly, the speed limit widget should be displayed automatically every time you open Google Maps.

All in all, this might not be the best solution but it’s definitely better than nothing, and Google Maps users, especially drivers who use Google’s application might find “Velociraptor – Map Speed Limit” to be very useful – at least until Google comes up with its own native solution, hopefully sooner rather than later. Until then, you can download the application by clicking the Google banner below.