Amazon Reportedly In Talks To Create Original VR Content


A new report circulating this week draws on the notion that Amazon is currently in the process of furthering its virtual reality ambitions. At the moment, the details are a little light on specifics, but what the report does focus on is that Amazon Studios, the department responsible for much of the Amazon original video content, is currently in talks with companies who specialize in virtual reality content to collaborate and create exclusive video content for Amazon. The information comes from TheWrap and by way of "multiple people familiar with the matter" who are confirming the ongoing talks. Although the same sources do point out that these talks are very much in the 'early stages' at the moment. Besides the confirmation of the talks, there is little more provided by way of what the content would be or when it will arrive, if it does.

Of course, this is not the first time that Amazon has been linked with looking to progress further in virtual reality as a report emerged back in March which highlighted an Amazon job posting that was appearing on Glassdoor for a 'Software Development Engineer' to head up a "Virtual Reality team" at Amazon. As such, it has been very much believed that Amazon was looking to capitalize on virtual reality and begin to cement its position in what is clearly a very quickly growing new and emerging market.


Which is not surprising really. Amazon has so far make some serious movies to establish itself as an original video content creator and publisher through Amazon Studios and its Amazon Instant Video service and it does stand to reason that the company would be further looking to make sure it is part of the next big wave of video content which will become available in due course through virtual reality. Reports like this have already come through for other big video provider companies like Hulu and this latest report further confirms that Amazon is not only committed to creating virtual reality content, but that they seem to be making some fairly significant progress on that commitment.

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