Amazon Echo & Amazon Tap Get 15% Discounts, Today Only

Domino's Pizza is bringing its fan-favorite Domino's Tracker and ordering capabilities to Amazon Echo, just in time for the big game on Feb. 7. (PRNewsFoto/Domino's Pizza)

Amazon has been ranked the "#1 Most Reputable Company in the US" and to celebrate that, the company is putting out discounts on their Amazon Echo and Amazon Tap products. Effectively giving them both a 15% discount, today only. That brings the Amazon Echo on down to $153.71 and the Amazon Tap on down to $111.01. Not huge discounts, but still some pretty good discounts. The prices are normally $179, and $129 respectively.

The Amazon Echo got a pretty "meh" response when it first launched. Many people thought it was just a Bluetooth speaker, and at $179, it didn't seem worth it, really. But Amazon had built in a personal assistant known as "Alexa". Again when it first launched, Alexa didn't know a whole lot, and couldn't do that much. It was like a very limited Google Now built into the speaker in your living room. But over the last six months, Alexa has gained a ton of functionality, and plenty more on the way. With Alexa you can do things like ordering an Uber. On top of that you can check to see how far away your Uber is and that sort of thing. Want some pizza? Don't worry, Alexa has you covered, and can order you some Domino's pizza by using your voice. It also has support for Pandora and Spotify. So instead of just streaming over Bluetooth, these two apps can stream over WiFi. This gives you a better listening experience, as WiFi can handle a higher quality version of these songs when compared to Bluetooth. The Amazon Echo also supports Philips Hue, Belkin's WeMo and IFTTT. So you can control your smart home and automate it as well.

Now the Amazon Tap on the other hand is mostly the same as the Echo. However it's portable. So the Echo needs to remain plugged in at all times, but the Tap actually has a built in battery. With the lower price, there are some trade-offs though. One is that the Tap isn't "always listening" so you will need to tap the speaker before Alexa will listen to you. Otherwise it's a great Bluetooth speaker to pick up.


Today and today only the Amazon Tap is going for $111.01 and the Amazon Echo for $153.71. If you are interested in picking up either of them, hit the links down below.

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