Alleged List of Galaxy Note 6 Model Numbers Leaks Out


The Galaxy Note range has undeniably been one of the bigger success stories for Samsung since the original model was launched back in 2011, and despite a lukewarm reception to last year's Galaxy Note 5, the company isn't about to give up on one of their biggest sellers. With the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge now available the world over – and reportedly doing quite well at that – it's no surprise that the Internet has started to look ahead to the next big thing from Samsung; the Galaxy Note 6. We've heard a few things here and there about what Samsung could have in store for us later this year, but a list of what could be model numbers for the upcoming smartphone has appeared online, out of China.

The alleged list of model numbers features 19 different variants of the Galaxy Note 6, spanning the United States' big four carriers as well as Europe, South Korea and parts of the Middle East, too. The majority of model numbers all share a base of SM-N930 with further letters and such added on to denote the region that particular model is intended for. As an example, the T-Mobile Galaxy Note 6 is allegedly badged SM-N930U_NA_TMB, which is similar to the Galaxy Note 5's model number on T-Mobile, which was SM-N920TZKATMB (according to Samsung's own store). So, it appears as though the major difference here is a base model number jump from SM-N920 to SM-N930, which does line up to the Galaxy S6 model number of SM-G925 and the Galaxy S7's SM-G930. Small bumps and similar model numbers seem to be the way that Samsung handles these sorts of things, but there is of course, no telling whether or not this list is genuine.


Considering that last year's Galaxy Note 5 was announced and launched earlier on in the year than normal – in August, rather than September – that does mean that Samsung will probably have much of the phone already finalized. These devices need to be certified by the FCC and other regional counterparts, so making sure each variant is labelled properly is a good idea, and it wouldn't surprise us if this list is fairly close to the truth. As always though, salt is advised and this could all be an elaborate fake.

Galaxy Note 6 Model Number list

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