'Wildcard' Is A News App Which Offers Curated Content

There are tons of news reading applications available in the Google Play Store. Some of them offer you access to RSS feeds, other curate content. Feedly is one of the best known RSS reading apps, while Flipboard is a good example of a curated content, even though it's technically a mix of both. There are, of course, apps which curate content based on your news preference, like Appy Geek for example, which is a great source for your tech news.

That being said, there are other, less known, and yet really good news apps available out there. 'Wilcard' is certainly a good example of that, this app is relatively new in the Google Play Store, and even though it's still rough around the edges, it's more than good enough to use. This app definitely belongs in the 'curated' section, as it delivers news from various sources that it thinks are relevant and good enough, to put it bluntly. Now, the app doesn't really do this on its own, people curate the news for you, which should, in the end, improve quality. The developer says that the app is 'click bait-free' which means they simply discard clickbait articles, and if you're not a fan of those, this app might suit you.

Now, as far as the design goes, this app looks really good, especially if you like Google Now-like cards. This app is filled with those, and it is definitely eye pleasing, though it's more of a personal preference than anything else. Anyhow, you don't need to log in if you don't want to, but you can sign in via Twitter in order to help Wildcard curates content for you. Notifications are also supported by this app, though you can always disable them in the settings. That's pretty much it, if you're not liking any of the news reading applications you've tried out thus far, and are looking for hassle-free curated content to read, Wildcard app might be right up your alley. The app is completely free to download and use, follow the Google Play banner down below if you're interested.

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