Waze Version 4.0 Hits the Play Store With Fresh New Look


While Google has their own Google Maps and Navigation offerings, the Internet giant also owns Waze, too. Often referred to as one of the smarter navigations apps on smartphones today, Waze has been rerouting people around traficc jams, accidents and warning them of speed traps for a long time now. Not too long ago, Waze was updated on iOS with a new look and feel, now that’s arriving on Android with version 4.0 of the smart navigation app. There’s no Material Design here though, instead the Waze team has finally introduced a new look based around their fairly playful look that’s worked for them for a long time now.

Along with the new look, Waze is giving users some new features, too. These include quicker ways of letting people know when you’re going to arrive and a quicker way of starting a drive, with Waze detailing “fewer taps” required. There’s also the inclusion of smart reminders of when to leave as per your calendar, but perhaps more important for frequent Waze users is that this version of the app promises “significantly reduced battery consumption” which should help your smartphone last a little bit longer when at the wheel.

For those wondering what the difference between Waze and Google’s own offerings are, it all comes down to convenience. While Google Maps will tell you which route is “clear” or “quickest”, Waze takes convenience that much further by rerouting on the fly where necessary and providing drivers with pertinent information. This includes upcoming speed traps, recent accidents as well as a lot more. Waze is entirely free to download and use, just like Google maps, and if you haven’t tried the app out before, now’s as good a time as any to give it a whirl. The update is dated as March 9th in the Play Store, so avid Waze users might have already seen the update roll out to their devices, but if not it might be worth checking the Play Store to see if it needs manually updating or whatever. As for those late to the party, Waze can be downloaded by giving the button below a good old tap.