Virgin Mobile Offers Two New BYOD Plans But No Data

March 4, 2016 - Written By Cory McNutt

Just about every carrier in Canada has ‘adjusted’ their rates, deleted plans, changed their BYOD incentives or added plans these past few months.  Of course, we do not have to tell you that those changes are generally in favor of the carrier, not the users.  Many carriers are blaming the increases due to the stiff competition – although that is supposed to lower prices – and the rest are blaming it on the weakening Canadian dollar.  The price of everything in the wireless mobile field – phones and plans – are all taking a price jump due the exchange rate.  Rogers originally raised their rates everywhere but Quebec, but even Quebec received their rate increase as well.  Wind just announced they are changing their WINDtabs on March 22 by restructuring how much each monthly payment is applied toward your tab.

Our friends at MobileSyrup got a hold of an internal document showcasing two new limited time BYOP (Bring Your Own Phone) plans – one for $25 a month and another for $35 a month.  Neither plan includes any data, but Silver and Gold plan subscribers can add a Pay Per Use data – up to 50MB at $7.50 per month, up to 250MB at $15 per month and anything over 250MB will cost you an additional $5 per 250MB.  There are not many users that would want to have a monthly plan without data – possibly someone confined to home that has WiFi or an older person that only wants to talk to other family members or use the device in an emergency.

According to the internal document, the $25 per month plan includes 100 local minutes, unlimited local weekends and evenings from 5PM until 7AM, unlimited texts, MyPeeps, caller ID and 3-way calling.  For $35 per month, you get unlimited calling, Canada-wide calling, unlimited texts, voicemail, caller ID and 3-way calling.  The documents claim that customers that are interested should get one of these plans “while they’re hot” – whatever that means. Some readers pointed out that these plans are not listed yet on their website, a fact which has been verified. Many also claim the plans are only useful for people born before 1950, but that is when they realized just how many grandpas and grandmas insist on having data in their monthly plan