Video: LG G5 First Impressions

March 28, 2016 - Written By Nick Sutrich

The release of the LG G5 is just about upon us, but we’ve got one in-house to give you a preview of what you can expect of the device.  While that April 1st release date may seem like a joke, LG’s new phone is anything but that.  Sporting some absolutely amazing new hardware, as we gave you a preview of last week, the G5 is the first semi-unibody and semi-modular phone from the South Korean tech giant.  While LG has been known for their back-facing buttons and largely plastic build, along with some seriously thin bezels, they’re changing up the formula in many ways with this year’s Spring release of the G5.

Our video below will give you a look at the hardware and what you can expect the device to look and feel like if you decide to buy your very own this coming weekend.  This particular unit is a pre-production device that isn’t quite ready for review, but it’s a near final hardware and software build that’s likely only to receive bug fixes or minor tweaks between now and release.  Check out the written version of our G5 first impressions for full camera samples and some more detailed information, but this nearly 5-minute walkthrough will give you a little bit more visual information that might help sway your purchase one way or the other over the next few days.