Verizon's go90 App To Offer Zero-Rated Video From March 5


There has been quite a lot of talk about sponsored data of late and especially as to whether it is something which falls foul of Net Neutrality regulations. Regardless of the debate though, carriers have been pushing forward with sponsored data and especially when it comes to Verizon who recently introduced their FreeBee Data initiative. This is a service which looks to offer a subsidizing of the cost of certain data used. In some cases, straight up free data. A prime example of this was announced last week when Verizon and the NBA's Phoenix Suns teamed up as part of FreeBee perks to offer free data to fans who purchase Suns tickets. Well, the next FreeBee related details are now coming through and are specifically aimed towards those who make use of Verizon's own go90 video service.

Verizon CFO, Fran Shammo, was talking at an investors conference and confirmed that beginning March 5, Verizon customers will be able to view and watch zero-rated data when using the go90 app. This means that Verizon customers will essentially be able to watch content through the app while using their mobile data and not have to pay for any of the data consumed. Shammo did take the opportunity to make it clear that non-Verizon consumers can also download the app and watch content through go90 as well, however the difference being that only Verizon customers will see the data charges being zeroed out.


Speaking on the wider aspect of FreeBee Data, Shammo did note how more marketers are seemingly keen on joining the initiative. Noting that the appeal to be able to deliver ad content directly to the consumers that it will most likely benefit is one marketers are very interested in. Certainly more so than through the normal advertising channels. Shammo added that the combined abilities of Verizon user information and go90 is "worth more to an advertiser rather than a blanket TV ad that goes across multiple units and there's multiple segments that would never buy that product." Either way, if you are a Verizon customer and do make use of go90 (or plan to), then from March 5th, you should see the cost of doing so being significantly cheaper, if not completely free.

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