Verizon Survey Reveals The "Worst Mobile Phone Owners"

Smartphones have become part of our daily lives, and in some cases, they are the most expensive pieces of consumer electronics prone to be damaged by misuse. With smartphones becoming thinner and lighter, and given the fact that most of them don't offer protection from elements or shock, throughout the years, many smartphone users found themselves in situations where they have damaged or misplaced their devices, whether by dropping them on hard surfaces or unintentionally drowning them in water. At the end of the day, however, some users are more careful with their handsets than others, and a new study carried by Verizon Wireless in collaboration with KRC Research shows that nearly 50% of mobile phone owners in the US have lost or broken their devices at one point in time.

The survey was conducted on more than 1,000 consumers and determined that, on average, 49% of US-based mobile phone users have lost or broken not one, but two mobile devices over the years. Not only that, but Verizon and KRC Research have listed some of the most embarrassing ways to break or misplace a mobile phone, identifying the "worst mobile phone owners" in the US on the basis of how their smartphones have met their demise. Accordingly, at one point in time 43% of mobile phone owners have broken their device by dropping them into water and 43% of them by sending the device through the wash. 22% of owners have broken their devices by throwing them, and 20% by dropping them out of a window. Other popular ways to render mobile phones useless is apparently by sitting on or by tripping and landing on them, or by finding them getting chewed by pets (20%).

When asked about the most embarrassing way they have broken or lost their mobile devices, some of the users participating in the survey have provided rather unusual answers, including "Dropped it in the toilet as it was flushing and it went bye bye", "Juggled it and then lost control and it dropped", "Leaving it on the hood of the car and then driving because I forgot about the phone", and also "Threw it at the wall after the New York Giants lost their 6th game in a row". The study shows that 54% of mobile phone owners drop their handsets at least once a week, with millennials being prone to drop their mobile phones twice as many times than baby boomers and owners born in the early 1960s through early 1980s. The survey also suggests that parents are 1.5 times more likely to lose or break their devices than owners who don't have kids.

As a reminder and perhaps a second reason behind the survey, Verizon is currently offering customers a second chance to sign up for the Total Mobile Protection program ending on March 10.

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