Verizon & Hearst Partner To Create TV Content For Millennials

March 2, 2016 - Written By John Anon

Verizon, like many of the carriers do seem to be making a large push towards media consumption and especially with video. In some instances, this comes in the form of simply omitting data charges for video content, like in the case of T-Mobile and Binge On, while in other instances, the involvement of carriers seems to be far more involved. Much is the case with the latest news coming through in regards to Verizon. According to a report emerging out of the New York Times today, Verizon has inked a partnership with Hearst. According to the details, one of the main focuses going forward of the partnership will be to bring a selection of new content to Verizon subscribers, and content which is specifically aimed at the millennial generation.

Again, according to the details, the first fruits of the joint venture will come in the form of two distinct lines of content. The first will be a channel which is said to be designed for “millennials from the heartland“. This channel will focus on a range of programming which spans content including food, faith, music, politics and the military and will come under the banner. In contrast, the second main line of content will come from ‘Seriously TV’ and in spite of its name, will focus on content which takes a more comedic look on current events. However, the details also make a note that these will not be the totality of the partnership with more content expected to follow in due course.

From Verizon’s perspective, the venture seems to be one which the carrier is looking to integrate with its expanding presence in the media field and specifically with its go90 service in mind. A service the company has already confirmed will see its data charges being zeroed out starting from March 5th for Verizon customers. The new channels will be primarily intended to be content which is consumed on smartphones, although the content will also be watchable on other platforms, through the respective websites. However, further details are quite vague. This is said to be a 50-50 partnership with both companies looking to invest, although the infrastructure for the company has yet to be put in place, or the very least, remains unannounced for now.