Verizon Calls On Furry Friends To Unbox The LG G5 & Friends


With the release of any new handset there is always a swarm of promotional material that comes through as well. Especially from the bigger smartphone manufacturers. Normally, at the point of announcing comes the first wave of promotional videos which look to detail all the main headline features and then days or weeks or sometimes months later, comes the release of the handset. And with the release comes another wave of videos, again highlighting some of the features, review videos and of course, the now common 'unboxing video'.

While companies like Samsung tend to enjoy doing their own unboxing (or inboxing) videos, recently it seems as though carriers have started making their own ones as well and interestingly, the carriers seem to be looking at more inventive ways to unbox a handset. The most recent of which came through last month when T-Mobile unboxed the Galaxy S7 underwater. The logic of unboxing the Galaxy S7 underwater was the fact the smartphone boasts water-resistant qualities. So although a little on the extreme side, it did made sense. Of course, now it is the time for LG and their latest handset the LG G5, as this is a smartphone which became available to buy in South Korea today and is due to become available in other regions, including the U.S. from tomorrow. In terms of the unboxing, it seems it is now the turn of Verizon.


So if you are planning on picking up the latest handset from LG and Verizon and would like to see what is included in the box, then this video will show you. Well, sort of. In contrast to T-Mobile's underwater unboxing video, it is a little difficult to understand what is going on here with Verizon as they have decided to let a group of puppies unbox the G5 for them. Presumably the connection is that the puppies are all friends and the G5 is a smartphone which comes with its own 'friends'. Regardless of the reason, it is hard to argue with how insanely cute the video is. If you want to check out the latest video of Verizon (well, puppies) unboxing the LG G5, then you can by hitting play below.

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