Unblock Game Is Similar To Geometry Dash, But More Difficult

March 1, 2016 - Written By Kristijan Lucic

Games are definitely not for everyone, but considering the amount of games that are available in the Google Play Store these days, even people who are not prone to gaming tend to do it just for fun. There are all sorts of games available on mobile these days, from super simple time wasters, to extremely complicated and time-consuming titles. Pretty much everyone owns a smartphone these days, so it’s really not a problem to download and play a game from time to time, now is it?

I used to play lots of games in the past, but that changed a long time ago. I tend to game from time to time, but only on my smartphone, so I’m always searching for quality time wasting games. I was addicted to ‘Flappy Bird‘ for quite some time, and was actually really good at it. Same can be said for the ‘Impossible Game’ and ‘Geometry Dash’. Speaking of which, a game similar to Impossible Game and Geometry Dash was released in the Google Play Store not long ago, and I stumbled upon it recently. This time waster is called ‘Unblock: Raging is fun!’, and the premise is pretty much identical to the one in Geometry Dash. You need to find a clear path through levels which are filled with all sorts of traps. You need to react fast in order not to fail, and as you can imagine, you’ll die quite a few times while playing this game, hence the ‘Raging is fun!’ part in the title. Games like these do tend to annoy people, and perhaps that’s part of the fun. Anyhow, there are 10 levels in this game, ranging from ‘Very Easy’ to ‘Deadly’, which more or less ensures you’ll not only have fun, but also get really angry along the way.

This game actually holds 4.8 rating in the Google Play Store, but it is quite new still. The game is about 28MB big, and it is free to play, while it does offer in-app purchases, much like similar games do. We’ve included the official promo video, and images below this article, and if you’re interested in trying out this title, click on the Google Play banner down below.