Uber Helps Users Cross the Mexico/US Border With UberPASSPORT

AH 2015 UBER LOGO 113

Uber, the popular online car service, has definitely seen a major upswing in public recognition over the last year. The service now rivals traditional cab companies when making quick travel arrangements, and the company’s online business model makes it much easier to scale and expand into other regions compared to more traditional businesses. Uber has enjoyed so much success that they’ve forced many of their competitors to find new ways of adapting in the evolving transportation industry. More importantly, the Uber app gives consumers even greater flexibility when looking for quick, inexpensive travel options, as evidenced by its 50 million+ downloads in the Google Play Store.

Even with its growing popularity, the company behind the service continues to push the boundaries for what they can offer their customers, and they’re taking things a step further with the announcement of their new UberPASSPORT service. The new option provides users with a one-way ride from San Diego, California to Tijuana, Mexico, and the trip can be arranged entirely from the Uber app. All the user has to do is enter the app, select the UberPASSPORT option, and request the ride to Tijuana. Of course, the rider has to have all the necessary documentation in order to make the trip, including their passport ID and a completed Multiple Migratory Form (FMM) in order to obtain temporary immigration status while in Mexico. As it stands right now, Uber offers three separate rides that connect different locations between San Diego and Tijuana: North Park to Zona Centro, Downtown San Diego to the Tijuana International Airport, and Pacific Beach to Rosarito. The fares differ slightly depending on which ride you take, from $90 for the North Park / Zona Centro connection to $160 for the Pacific Beach / Rosarito trip. Conveniently enough, Uber offers an option to split the fare depending on the number of travelers.


If you’re interested in the new ride, it’s important to remember that this is only a one way trip. Once you’ve taken the ride and had your fun, it’s up to you to find your way back to the States. Uber does provide some instructions for how to get back, and they predictably point users to the Uber app when making their return travel plans. If you’re in the San Diego area, and you’re looking to have a few days of fun across the border, UberPASSPORT is definitely an option worth considering.