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Gaming in general has changed considerably over recent times. What was once the primary occupation of consoles, has now become a pastime which can be enjoyed on multiple platforms and literally by anyone with an internet connection. As a result, the number of games that are now available has dramatically increased and the quality of the games on offer is significantly better. That said, some of the most popular games for smartphone owners are the more simple ones. Games which do not necessarily focus highly on gameplay, storyline or intense graphics, but games which are very easy to pick up and play and yet, are very difficult to put down again.

One of the most obvious examples of the simpler games is Flappy Birds. This quickly became a game which everyone was familiar with and everyone was playing. A game which spawned a number of similar titles and largely paved the way for the approach of the 'tapping' games. When Android released Android 5.0 (Lollipop), the operating system came with a built-in Easter egg game, one which again worked on the same basis as Flappy Birds and instantly proved to be another hit game. More recently, the next new tapping game has arrived and this one is already proving to be as instantly well-received as the others, this is Color Switch.

Like Flappy Birds and Android's Lollipop game, Color Switch is a deceivingly simple game. The storyline is largely non-existent, the gameplay is repetitive and all the user has to do is tap the screen (or click a mouse if playing on a desktop). However, as simple as it sounds, it is a game which is tediously difficult to master and therein is the hook. While the instructions are simple, the skill involved and the execution is what you will find the most difficult and yet, the most rewarding. For those unfamiliar with the Color Switch style of game, you play the part of a rather nondescript ball. Your mission is to pass through the various obstacles that are in your way. However, the catch is that you can only go in a straight line and you can only pass through the obstacles if you are a corresponding color. The obstacles are more nondescript shapes which change as you progress through the game, largely consisting of varying sized circles and squares with each shape split into four colors. As you progress, the color of the leading character changes randomly (usually thanks to passing through a smaller multicolored circle) and it is your job to pass through the colored side of the shape that matches your current color. Trying to pass through one of the shapes using the wrong color will instantly cause the leading character to shatter. At which point you are forced back to the beginning to start all over again.

And this is where the game really makes it mark, as like Flappy Birds and the Lollipop game, it is this repetitiveness which makes the game so enjoyable and yet so frustrating. Unlike the Lollipop game (which is designed to be almost impossible) Color Switch is far more rewarding. The game is easy enough to get to grips with, and easy enough to pass a few obstacles. However as you progress it does become increasingly harder to maintain the correct bounce and as your score goes up, so does your frustration level knowing that you are about to hit your highest score. All while knowing that if and when you slip up, you will shatter and have to start all over again. So this is one of those 'rinse and repeat' sort of games, where practice and determination can and will make all the difference. You are not effective playing against anyone, but instead are simple looking to improve on your own performance

While this game might not immediately sound appealing to everyone, it is in fact a game that just about anyone will enjoy. On the one hand, the game is over so quickly that if you only have a minute or two to spare, you have enough time to play a couple of rounds. Likewise, if you have ample time to game, this becomes a game which motivates you to keep beating your last score. In no short order, this does quickly become an extremely addictive game. One of the additional benefits of the game is that due to its more simpler design and style, there are no issues with the fluidity of the gameplay. The game is well built, designed nicely and comes with an interesting soundtrack - one which will keep the adrenaline pumping as you struggle to push forward to the next obstacle. Of course, one of the biggest benefits is that this is a game which is completely free to play. Those looking to play the game on their smartphone can either download the app from the Play Store for free or play in their browser, while those looking to kill some time from a desktop can also play Color Switch for free using their browser. One of the added benefits of the desktop version is that you can use your mouse or the space bar to control the whole game. Additional benefits on offer with Color Switch include the ability to link the game to your Google Play Games account, while the game itself has its own leaderboard - one which offers detailed listings for both daily top scorers and all time top scorers. Scores which by the way, do reflect just how good you can become with enough practice.

Overall, while this is a very simple to play game, it is one which does requires a good degree of skill to really progress at. A game which is deceiving easy on the surface, but can be mastered with enough practice and time. And the best thing is that no matter how good you get at the game and how high of a score you manage to obtain, there is always room for improvement. Always a reason to start a new game.

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