Take Puzzle Fun to the Next Level with Merged!

March 4, 2016 - Written By Alexander Maxham

Those of you that love puzzle games, there’s another one out there that you’re going to love. This new one, named Merged! is from the makers of 1010, which was a hugely popular puzzle game on Android. Merged! is a block-merging puzzle game. Essentially the point with this game is to merge blocks together to get higher blocks on the board. What you do is place three blocks with the same number & color next to each other to merge them. You can merge horizontally, vertically or both. You can also rotate the blocks before placing them down as well.

With Merged! you get unlimited lives and no time limits. So you can take your time in placing Merged!. Most games like this that are fast-paced, many end of losing the game due to it getting faster and faster. Merged! is an easy to learn game and even more fun to master. You also get all sorts of fun and engaging graphics with Merged! making for a great experience when playing on your smartphone. As the developer states “Beware, fellow puzzler, the road to glory is paved with limited space, tricky merges and totally random blocks!”

This is is another one of those games that is going to be great for wasting time. Especially when you’re stuck waiting for something, on the subway headed to work, or maybe even flying across the country and don’t have an internet connection. Merged! is a great game to pick up in that case. This is a free game, with in-app purchases. Which start at $0.99 and range up to $4.99 per item. It is ad-supported, since it is free. However you are able to remove these ads by paying the $1.99 in-app purchase. So if there are too many ads in there for your liking, you can remove them with ease, and still support the developer.

Merged! is available on the Google Play Store right now. It’s a great game and somewhat small as well, coming in at about 28MB in size. So if you don’t have much space left on your smartphone, this is also a good one to grab.