T-Mobile HTC One M8 Getting Android 6.0 On March 7th


HTC has been seeing a bit of a turnabout with the Vive, but once upon a time, they were just a struggling Android manufacturer in the middle of a freefall from grace. Strangely, some of their best phones to date came out of that era of their life cycle. One such phone is their 2014 flagship, the HTC One M8. Its metal body and great specs, still plenty relevant today, were loved by many, and most couldn't find many bad things to say about the device. With that sort of popularity, a lot of people wound up getting one through their carrier in the United States and have recently begun to receive their updates to Android 6.0 Marshmallow, bringing a whole heap of new features as well as the newest overhaul to HTC's Sense interface.

The T-Mobile variant is next in line, with the update scheduled to start rolling out on March 7, according to the Twitter feed of HTC's VP of product management, Mo Versi. The update has already received technical approval, which means it's been through testing by both HTC and T-Mobile and found to be of good enough quality to be a daily driver for users. Sense 7, the Marshmallow iteration of HTC's custom interface, brings a wide range of improvements over its predecessor, such as custom navigation and quick settings controls, as well as new widgets for Sense's distinctive weather clock and a few fixes here and there. Standard Marshmallow features like Google Now On Tap and the system UI tuner are also on board.


The rollout for the new update, set to start on March 7, will be via over the air updates downloadable to your device while on the go, if you're so inclined, though it's never recommended to take an over the air update while out and about where you may need your phone, since an update can spell up to a half hour of downtime, for some particularly large updates. It is, as with any update, recommended to have important files backed up before taking an update just in case something goes wrong, as low as the chances of that may be. Hit up the source link if you'd like to see Mo Versi's post on Twitter and the relevant comments.

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