Spotify Intros 'Fresh Finds' to help you Discover new Artists

Spotify Fresh Finds AH 00033

Spotify has been on a roll lately. Introducing all sorts of new features, and one of the most popular features that they introduced was “Discover Weekly”. What Discover Weekly did was it made a weekly playlist customized to your liking. It would be curated based on the music you listened to in the past week or so. Bringing you new music you haven’t heard before but will likely, like. Also bringing some old music that you wouldn’t mind listening too every so often.

The company is expanding Discover Weekly and introducing Fresh Finds. This brings genre-specific playlists and uses software and human “tastemakers” to bring you undiscovered artists before they make it to the big time. It’s a great way for up and coming artists to get some face time, but also bring some new music to your ears that you likely haven’t heard elsewhere already. Spotify explains that the process for analyzing tracks for Fresh Finds include the listening pattern of users who like “up and coming music”, as well as monitoring the internet for new information. Spotify’s Fresh Finds include five different options. Here we have Fire Emoji which is Hip Hop, Basement which is Electronic, Hiptronix which is Vocal Pop, Six Strings for Guitar driven music and Cyclone which is actually an experimental option right now. Spotify will be updating these lists each and every Wednesday with the latest music from these up and coming artists on Spotify.


Spotify has been working on ways to keep you listening to music, without listening to the same music over and over again. As many of us tend to do when we find a great song. Another reason for Spotify to add this feature is to get more people spending more time in Spotify and tempt those that are on free plans to upgrade to the premium version of Spotify. As is usual with playlists, these from Spotify may not be perfect for everyone. But they do a good job at exposing users to new music that they may not have heard before. Always a nice thing to have included in a streaming music subscription.