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Ocus Puzzle is an Android game that aims to offer lots of different puzzle fans a tough challenge. The aim of the game is to place different colored shapes in a larger shape to fill in the missing area. There are a number of different difficulties, ranging from Easy all the way up to Master, each of them with 200 levels, which means that Ocus Puzzle has almost a thousand levels included. A game for real puzzle fans, Ocus is the sort of game that all ages will be able to play, and it's free to download, so let's give it a try, shall we?

First of all, players will need to download Ocus Puzzle from the Play Store. Once loaded, there are a few options to choose from.


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There's not much to do here, other than just choose the Play option, which will then give players a choice of different difficulties.

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As we can see, each of these level packs has 200 different levels involved, which means that Ocus Puzzle has 1,000 or so different levels available. Not bad for a free game, is it? Getting started with Ocus is pretty straightforward, and the game does deliver a few instructions on how to play the game.

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A little more direction than this would have been nice to see, but dragging the pieces from place to place isn't difficult at all. Some of the first few levels start off pretty easily, as we can see there's a fairly obvious way in which this level can be solved.


2016-03-22 15.24.10

A lot of these levels feel fairly similar, but if you get into the 100's in any of the different difficulties, things really start to get a little more tricky.

Ocus Difficult


I went ahead to try some of the Hard difficult levels, now we need to keep in mind that this is the Hard difficulty and not the Master difficulty. I found some of these levels really, really difficult.

2016-03-22 16.31.19

Here, we can see that while everything seems to be in its right place, I don't have room for these other two pieces. I was actually glad to see myself struggling like this, as I was fearful that Ocus Puzzle was going to be one of those games that only gets more difficult by adding more pieces to use and a larger area. It turns out however, that these pieces can slot together in deceptive patterns that almost look right. A few minutes later and I soon had the right way that these pieces were supposed to slot together.


2016-03-22 16.31.55

Playing Ocus Puzzle was a lot of fun, and even though I found a number of the challenges fairly difficult, I was happy to accept and overcome these challenges. As a gamer that spends a lot of time on his PS4, it's nice to spend time with a game like this that asks for more using my brain to think and figure things out, rather than just reacting to things that are happening on screen. For the most part, the game does feel fairly basic, there are no sound effects or any sort of background music, and there's little in the way of visuals, either. Aside from the different colors of the blocks, there's no sort of visual flare or anything like that, and it does feel a little bland at times. Even so, the overall gameplay is where Ocus Puzzle will appeal to people, and those that are really looking for some sort of mental challenge will find a lot of levels to chew through here.


  • Speed (4/5) – Ocus Puzzle runs just fine on pretty much anything that's out there, and players can take however long they like to work their way through the levels.
  • Theme (3/5) – There's really not much in the way of overall look and feel here with Ocus Puzzle, which is a shame. There are no sound effects and no background music, either.
  • Features (4/5) – With a thousand or so different levels to work through, there's definitely a lot on offer here and these are some very challenging puzzles, so puzzle fans will find a lot to sink their teeth into.
  • Overall (4/5) – Its basic appearance might not be to everyone's liking, but there's a wide variety of different levels and lots of challenges on offer for those looking to challenge their brain.


  • Offers lots of different difficulties including Easy, Medium, Hard and Master for those hardcore puzzle players.
  • Completely free to download and play, without any need to pay for any of the 1,000 different levels.
  • Challenging and exciting for real puzzle players and those that want to test themselves.
  • With a 1,000 different levels to play through, there's a lot on offer here for a free game.


  • Ads can be a little distracting when they're always on display.
  • Doesn't offer any real visual flare really, as there's not much in the way of sound effects or added flare.

All-in-all, it's hard to argue with a free game that offers so many levels as Ocus Puzzle does, but ultimately there's a lot on offer, and while the game doesn't look all that great, it has it where it counts; in gameplay. With a lot to challenge people and keep them on their toes mentally, there's little reason not to give Ocus Puzzle a try, it is free after all.



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