Sponsored App Review: Orange Cache Cleaner


Orange Cache Cleaner is an Android app that has one simple task in mind; to free up space on people's devices. The app does this by clearing out the cache files created by apps and games on your Android smartphone or tablet. A cache is simply a collection of files and such that makes it easier and quicker for an app or web page to load, but often these apps can run rogue and take up too much space on your smartphone or tablet, and Orange Cache Cleaner can help you take this space back. Refreshingly, Orange Cache Cleaner only asks for the permissions that it actually needs and there's a Safelist feature included to ensure apps you need and want aren't closed.

Users looking to get a little more space out of their devices can download Orange Cache Cleaner for free from the Play Store, and if they're not keen on ads, they can go ahead and download an ad-free version of the app here


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Once you launch the app, Orange Cache Cleaner will get to work right away scanning your device for unwanted files and such. Once it's finished the scan, it will let you know which apps are taking up how much space, as well as present users with a simple button to tap and take care of everything.

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Once you clean the cache, there's some feedback as to how much you've saved, and the ability to share this with friends, too.

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For a lot of users, this would be all that they'd be interested in, but the first time I ran the cleaner I was surprised to see that there was a little more to it. This was a pop-up I was very welcome to see:


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This is my main complaint about a lot of cleaner apps and such in the Play Store. That they often try too hard to just indiscriminately kill all running apps or delete everything they can find. In the case of Cache, this might make a favorite playlist in Spotify take longer to load the next time you open up the app, because Spotify cleverly caches music you regularly listen to, making it quicker the next time you launch the app. With Orange Cache Cleaner however, there's no need to mess around with any of that, as users can quickly and easily put together a safe list by choosing from a list of all their apps. This ensures that these apps won't be killed when running the cache cleaner.

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With Orange Cache Cleaner, I feel this is one of the more appropriate cleaning apps to use. I'm a big fan of things like CCleaner, but I only use these to uninstall apps and, you guessed it, to clear the cache out. For a lot of people. clearing out the cache on a device can be a bigger help than having to figure out what all these other options and tasks are, and will more than likely make the biggest difference, too. The safe list feature is a real nice touch as well, and for me I could keep Spotify and Google Chrome in there to make sure they run nice and smoothly and then clear out the cache for everyone else. I don't see the need to spend time killing all running apps, this is a real false positive when it comes to cleaning apps, but cleaning out the cache, which can often become quite bloated over time is a real plus for a lot of users, and will genuinely make a difference.


  • Speed (4/5) - The app itself runs nice and smoothly, and depending on how often the cache is cleared on your device, Orange Cache Cleaner can add a little boost to your device.
  • Theme (4/5) - Everything is unsurprisingly very orange here, but for the most part things work well, and there's little to complain about in terms of interface or look.
  • Features (4/5) - Cleaning out the cache on your device might not be for everyone, but it's good to see that Orange Cache Cleaner does what it promises and doesn't try too hard as other apps like this tend to do.
  • Overall (4/5) - While this sort of thing might not be for everyone, Orange Cache Cleaner has a lot going for it, and it's nice and simple to use without any extra features or choices that would confuse people.


  • Gets to work right away and is nice and quick when scanning the cache files.
  • Clearly shows which apps are using how much cache on the device, making it easy to see which apps are swallowing up the most space on your device.
  • Doesn't try too hard to offer users features they might not use or not understand, just lets them free up some space.
  • Looks good and works well on the majority of devices, helping those specifically that might be a little long in the tooth.


  • Might be a little basic for some users, but simplicity is the aim of the game here.
  • Explanation of why adding apps to the safe list would be a good idea might help those not too tech-savvy.

While there's not a huge amount to worry about when using Orange Cache Cleaner it might not be for everyone. It only clears out the cache on your device, and while that's a great simplistic approach that is safe and does what most people want it to do, some users might be looking for a little more. Nevertheless, those in need of a simple and easy to use cache cleaner will find a lot of value in Orange Cache Cleaner, and there's a low-cost ad-free version available, too.