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Logopit is an Android app that makes it super-easy for everyday users to create a logo for their new business, for a sports team, a school project or whatever else. There's a wide variety of different pictures and images that people can use in their logos as well as lots of different fonts to use, too. Logopit gives users an easily-manipulated what-you-see-is-what-you-get editor that allows for pinch and zoom gestures to make objects larger or smaller and moving objects and text around is nice and easy, too. A free download, does Logopit have what users need to create a good-looking logo for their new business or project? Let's find out.

Available from the Google Play Store, Logopit is a free download, and when users start up the app, they'll first be asked what the text of their logo will be. We would use "Android Headlines" for instance. The next step is to choose an image to use in your new logo.


Logopit images

Manipulating your chosen piece of imagery is fairly easy, and it's quite intuitive, too. You can use two fingers to rotate the image or zoom in and out to make it larger or smaller, and it's easy to move things around as well.

Logopit 02


The next step is of course to add some text to your logo. This could be whatever you want, like the name of your new business or sports team, or whatever else.

Logopit 03

Changing the color of the text is fairly simple using an RGB color slider, but where the real fun is is with the amount of different fonts that Logopit has on offer.


Logopit 04

It would have been nice to see some of the font names beside the different styles, to offer reference to a professional or to get the exact font in a later logo redesign or other company literature. Of course it's nice and simple to change the different parts of the logo with different fonts as well as different colors.

Logopit 05


Once finished, users will be able to download their logo to send to a professional or use in other documents and promotional materials.

Logopit 06

Users should be made aware however, that only the first two sizes are free, which maxes out at 180 pixels square. That's not much use for anything really, but then again the delivers do need to make money. The app also blocks screenshots as well, so there's no getting around this limitation, and it's also why I wasn't able to share other screens of the app.


Logopit 07

After spending some time with Logopit, I was definitely surprised at how far these Android apps have come. A few years ago something like this would have been impossible to do in Android, but this app makes it possible. It's super-quick and easy-to-use as well as offering a lot of tools. I wish that there were moe fonts on offer, as well as the ability to import other images and such, but for small businesses and other projects, there's more than enough on offer here to make something that looks pretty good and will get the job done. I did think that the screenshot limitation was a little over the top, but then again with a device at Quad HD resolutions, stealing the logo would be pretty easy to do without paying for it. This is the sort of app that isn't intended for everyone, it's designed for those that have never been anywhere near professional software before, but still want some sort of logo for their team, business or project. In that regard, this is so easy to use that it shouldn't be too difficult to get excellent results out of the app.


  • Speed (4/5) – Logopit runs nice and smoothly, and it can take hardly any time at all to create a logo fit for professional use.
  • Theme (4/5) – There are oodles of different graphics as well as font choices on offer here in Logopit, and the interface itself is good-looking and easy enough to use.
  • Features (4/5) – While I do wish that the fonts were named and that there were more of them, Logopit has a lot on offer for non-professionals looking to make the most out of their smartphones and get a business off of the ground or create a team logo or so on.
  • Overall (4/5) – Despite the fairly annoying restrictions found in the free version, there's a lot on offer here in Logopit and it's a good app for those that aren't familiar with computers or just want to make a logo and not bother with all of the other functions out there.


  • Simple and straightforward step-by-step procedure that's easy to follow and doesn't asks too much of the user.
  • Lots of different font choices on offer for those looking to express themselves with typography.
  • Super-easy to manipulate and move objects and text around onscreen without having to learn complicated shortcuts or procedures or anything like that.
  • Offers a wide variety of images for people to use in their logo or emblem creation.


  • Only allows for very small logos to be exported in the free version.

Overall, Logopit is the sort of app that smartphones and tablets were made for. It's simple, works well and has everything that you could want for a simple logo creator. It also allows graphics designers and such to whip a quick mock up on the spot using just their phones, and it's something that most people will really be quite familiar with after just a few tries. Free to download, but pricey to actually use, this is an app that people should give a try if they're looking to spend as little as possible on branding or creating a logo. With more options coming in future versions, such as the ability to add shapes and such, Logopit will only continue to get better.



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