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Electricity Watch Face is an Android Wear watch face for watches like the Moto 360, ASUS ZenWatch, Huawei Watch and other Android Wear watches. The watch face is designed for those that are looking for a little something special for their Android Wear watch, while also looking for a simple display of information. Customizable with different ambient modes to be kind to your battery, the 3D rendered animation of the Plasma Ball and contained electricity only appear when the watch is in use, and they look good, too. There are four different color schemes as well as four different ambient modes, and a simple companion app on the phone to change all these settings. Let's take a look, shall we?

As with most Android Wear apps, the first port of call is the Google Play Store, where Electricity Watch Face is a quick download away. It's not a free watch face, but then again very few of these are. Once downloaded, you'll find it in among your other Android Wear watch faces.


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You can of course choose the watch face from your wrist, but some people find this a little easier. The default look of the watch face looks pretty good to my eyes.

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In the Android Wear app on your phone is where you'll find the companion app for the watch face, where you'll be able to change some of the settings for Electricity Watch Face.

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While there's not much in the way of different colors here, the four different colors do look pretty good.



These animations are all pre-rendered, which is why users can't choose from an RGB colorwheel or something similar – although that would be nice – and it's this approach which is said to be kinder on your battery life. There are also some ambient color mode choices, too.

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Here's a closer look at what the default ambient mode looks like:

2016-03-25 16.09.56

This gives simple, glanceable information and makes it easy to see what the time and date is, but I wish there were some other options such as the weather or phone battery. Regardless, the animation in the middle is good-looking and works well on the majority of watch designs.


2016-03-25 16.10.03

Electricity Watch Face is the sort of watch face that will appeal to sci-fi fans, those looking for a little animation on their wrists, as well as those looking for something a little different. One thing that does make this stand out however, is that there isn't a dial or anything like that here, it's all very much centered around the animation in the center of the display, and I have to say that I really like the overall look and feel of these watch faces. I wish that there were more color options, but they all look good and sometimes too much choice can be too much of a good thing, at the end of the day. With a straightforward and easily-understood time and date display, Electricity Watch Face has a lot going for it, and it's the sort of thing I can see a lot of people enjoying, especially sci-fi fans.


  • Speed (4/5) – Quick and easy to get setup on your watch, Electricity Watch Face doesn't slow down your Android Wear device much at all, and it's nice and smooth, too.
  • Theme (4/5) – While good-looking and well-animated, this sort of thing won't appeal to everyone. Sci-fi fans and fans of the digital watches will enjoy this, and it's certainly a nice change of pace from the majority of other watch faces in the Play Store.
  • Features (3.5/5) – As good-looking as Electricity Watch Face is, there could certainly be some more options and the color choice is quite limited. Still, there's always room for improvement with anything, and the developer might have more to add in the future.
  • Overall (4/5) – Despite the fact that the digital look and animation might not be to everyone's taste, I can see why a lot of people will enjoy this set of watch faces, and it's super-easy to read and get setup with.


  • Looks good on the majority of watches out there, and it even looks good on square smartwatches, too.
  • Doesn't slowdown the performance of the watch or anything like that, even with that detailed electric animation.
  • Four different colors and four different ambient modes gives users a good amount of control on how the watch face looks and behaves.
  • No extra app icon or anything on the phone, just change all the settings from within the Android Wear app, just as it should be.


  • More color options would be nice to have.
  • Doesn't offer any other options for the three circle display, weather and phone battery – to name a couple – would be good options.

Electricity Watch Face is a good Android Wear watch face that will appeal to a lot of different users, and even if it could be considered a little pricey, it does have a lot to offer users. With four different colors, and more ambient modes than most watch faces ever come with, this is a fairly feature-rich watch face. It could, however, benefit from some more color choices as well as options of what to display in the three circles.



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