Slow-Motion Video In Google Photos Now Exports Correctly

If you have ever used Google Photos, then you know about the many possibilities it can provide to users, like the unlimited free storage of high-quality images and the intelligent organization, as well as fun features like the Assistant tab and the smart album tab where Photos essentially makes albums for you based on different criteria. In its most recent application update, Google Photos now has another feature which is sure to be useful to plenty of users, although it is also likely to go unnoticed by many people if they aren't paying close attention.

With Google Photos' latest version, which is currently version 1.16, users can now take any recorded slow-motion video that they have stored within the application, and if they export it, Photos will actually complete the task correctly, meaning it will keep the parts that were in slow-motion at the correct speed while making sure that the rest of the video plays at the normal speed. Prior to this update to Google Photos, users were experiencing issues where their slow-motion videos were being exported out to sharable apps like Dropbox or others, but the entire video was in slow-motion instead of just the parts that particular parts that they slowed down. This wasn't technically an issue, rather it was just the way that Google Photos worked, but with the new version of the app things seem to work correctly as they should.

While this is definitely useful to plenty of people, there will still be those who won't have any use for this either for the fact that they don't really use Google Photos much for storing their media, or because they simply don't have a phone with the capability to create these slow-motion videos where certain parts can play at normal speed while others are designted by the user to slow down. Version 1.16 of Google Photos also adds the capability to fast forward videos that are stored in the app, and the update was actually released last week so most users should already have it. These tweaks might be minor changes and improvements, but they're part of the collective improvements that Google continues to make to better the app as much as possible.

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