SEGA's Total War Battles: KINGDOM Offers Medieval Strategy

If you're a strategy game fan, you should be familiar with the Total War Battles franchise from SEGA. Although there are a couple of titles on Android under this series name, SEGA actually has a fairly large collection of games under the larger "Total War" franchise which Total War Battles is a part of. Each game tends to focus on a specific time period as well as specific regions, and the latest to join the fray is Total War Battles: KINGDOM, which has just landed today on Android, although it is also available for PC players through Steam and other means.

Total War Battles: KINGDOM takes players to a medieval time period, although it's not to be confused with the older Medieval: Total War classics that you can find on the PC. The game will initially begin with you going through the motions trying to build up your kingdom filled with towns, people, farms and the like, and then expanding it to grow your kingdom to even more impressive levels. The gameplay is all about battles and war though, naturally, and you'll encounter plenty of it as you attempt to protect your own realm while conquering the realms of others.

You can face off against other real life players in online battles, but not before building yourself an army you can be proud of. When you enter a battle against another player, everything also happens in real-time so you'll have to make sure that you're on your toes if you expect to win. Aside from building a kingdom complete with everything from a blacksmith to armories, you can also change the layout of the surrounding landscape by placing rivers, mountains, trees and more in the area to switch things up. Best of all, the game can be played cross-platform, meaning that you can play on a smartphone one day and on a PC the next, if you choose to own both copies. What isn't made clear is whether or not players on PC will be able to battle it out against players on other platforms like phones or tablets. Total War Battles: KINGDOM is a free-to-play title which means in-app purchases, although they shouldn't be too obtrusive. It also requires an internet connection to play, and SEGA recommends at least 2GB of RAM.

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