Saved Google Image Searches Now Available on Desktop, Too


Before Google Now arrived and we started talking to the search engine, it was largely known for fairly mundane and boring searches. Most of which we'd still do from our Desktops and Laptops. Of course, Google has been around on mobile for a lot longer than most websites and service providers have been, and it's no longer uncommon to see features launch on mobile before making their way back to the humble Desktop. Saved Searches for Google Images is just one example of such a service. Launched towards the end of last year, Google introduced a way of making it nice and easy to search Google Images for whatever you wanted and then save this search for later. Now, that feature is available on Desktops, too.

For those that might wonder why you would ever want to save a search like this, it's a useful feature for those that rely on Google Images as a research tool, inspiration for their next project, or just very specific wallpapers for their devices. It was launched last year as a feature that worked well in a mobile browser, but now it's available on Desktop, too. The Desktop-compatibility was detailed over on Google's official Search Blog, and as of right now it seems as though this is a sort of feature that will be just for US residents. The blog post also goes on to detail that a valid Google Account is needed to save searches, but this is hardly surprising. It's unclear as to when – if at all – this feature will launch outside of the US, but we're sure that Google has put some thought into this and are currently working on launching it internationally.


Regardless of whether or not this feature will be immediately useful to the majority of users, there's some good value here. It makes it nice and simple to organize search terms depending on which project you're working on, and even if you're looking to use this purely for entertainment purposes we're sure people won't find it too hard to find a use for this. After all, typing "funny cat pics" over and over again can grow tireseome.

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