Samsung's VR Thriller "Gone" Could Change the Horror Genre


In terms of emerging technologies, none have attracted as much attention as virtual reality. From the popularity of the Oculus Rift before it was even announced as a consumer product to the fun gimmickry that a simple Google Cardboard set can provide, virtual reality is taking off. During last week's SXSW event, Samsung held a number of panels about the emerging technology, and it's pretty clear that Samsung is ahead of the curve here. Partnering with Oculus to make the Gear VR is one thing, but with their – oddly-named – Milk VR service Samsung have the beginnings of a quality platform of distribution for original content. One such title is "Gone" a thriller from some of the team behind "The Walking Dead" that tells the story of a daughter that goes missing in broad daylight.

Speaking of Gone during a SXSW panel, Executive Producer David Alpert said that "what you see is as important as what you don't see". The idea with Gone is that as users are essentially "in" the event thanks to the Gear VR headset, viewers are given the chance to look around them and pay attention to every detail. This approach to entertainment could change the way that we enjoy horror movies and thrillers like this. No longer are we forced to stare at one screen, taking in one frame at a time, with VR we're given a whole landscape to glance around at and take in at our own pace. This, in turn, gives directors and producers more to play with. More than just well-placed pop-ins or flashes, VR allows producers to focus on the subtle details that can often be overlooked.


Much of fear is in the brain, and while special effects, drastic view changes and unexpected arrivals can make us jump, it's all been done a thousand times before. With VR, filmmakers have a lot more to play with, and while Gone is a fairly tame thriller that asks people to get used to VR in such a medium, there's room for more dramatic users of VR over time. Samsung Gear VR users can take a look at Gone in the Milk VR store right now.

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