Samsung’s Marshmallow Expands Quick Settings By Swiping Down

March 15, 2016 - Written By Daniel Fuller

As the update to Android 6.0 Marshmallow begins reaching a wider range of Samsung devices, those who are already making use of the newest public-facing version of Android have likely noticed a number of sweeping changes throughout the OS. Along with the changes that came with Google’s Marshmallow treat, such as Doze and Google Now on Tap, the newest iteration of Samsung’s TouchWiz interface has a few tricks up its own sleeve. One such trick is a small change to the quick settings, a feature of Android that originated with TouchWiz and ended up in stock Android. This change allows users to pull out, view and use all of their quick settings with a single swipe, rather than only having certain ones at hand or using Google’s two-finger swipe on the status bar, which can be counter-intuitive when one-handing a phone.

In order to pull up the full quick settings tab, the first step is to pull down your status bar as usual. From there, place a finger on the brightness bar and swipe down. The full menu will be laid bare before your eyes. This is a far sight easier than only having certain ones available to scroll through horizontally in the top of your status bar, not to mention they’re all at your disposal. If you would like to customize the ones up top without swiping down to view them all, you can always click on the Edit button.

Small, useful changes like this characterize manufacturer skins in general, especially Samsung’s TouchWiz. Quick settings aren’t the only Samsung feature to end up in Google’s own stock Android, after all; Android N is now making use of multi-windows which is a feature that has been available on TouchWiz for some time.. Although manufacturer skins can be a love them or hate them affair for some Android fans, it’s hard to argue with their differences that are brought forward from manufacturers who customize stock Android. The tip pointed out above is no different; without adding them all, there is no way to view all of your device’s possible quick settings in one swipe within stock Android.