Samsung's C-Labs Unveils 4D Headset & Waffle Social App

Earlier this morning at South by Southwest, Samsung was a company among a sea of many with things to show off in the technology realm. Among them was a new app called Hum On!, which lets users hum while recording to have the app take their melody and essentially produce it into music after transcribing it into music notes that could be played. Samsung also had two other products to show off at the event alongside the new application, one of which is another new app for a brand new social platform that Samsung is creating, called Waffle, and a pair of headphones called the Entrim 4D that are meant to enhance the experience of virtual reality.

The Entrim 4D as they are currently referred to, is a headset that's in development by Samsung as part of their C-Labs projects, which aims to enhance the experience of VR for the wearer as it's meant to make it possible to feel the experience in addition to letting the wearer see and hear what's happening. Samsung explains that this is possible by sending electrical signals to the ear of the wearer which are able to correspond to the movement data of the VR content. This makes it possible for the wearer to "feel" like they're part of the experience rather than just viewing it.

The other new unveiling this morning was a brand new social platform Samsung is aiming to get off the ground called Waffle, which currently has a beta app available on Android. The idea behind Waffle according to Samsung is to allow users to create content that others can not only interact with by viewing it, but by also adding their own content and thereby expanding on the original content from the original poster. The name Samsung states, comes from the Waffle-like grid pattern of the user interface, and was designed to allow users to collaboratively create stuff together if they wish. While anyone can essentially add their own content to the stuff a user posts, that same user could in turn add their own content to stuff that was added by another user as well.

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