Samsung Talks Encryption, Undecided On Whether To Support Apple


Today has been full of news coming through on encryption. While the last few weeks have generally been full of news on encryption, today has seen a slight uptake in the number of reports due to the ongoing court case with Apple and their refusal to comply with a court order to help the FBI gain access to an encrypted smartphone. On the wider scale of things, the last few weeks of encryption debate has seen an across-industry level of support with companies like Google and Microsoft both siding with Apple. Now it looks as though another Apple-competitor, Samsung, are also considering lending their support to Apple.

The latest on Samsung comes from a report emerging from Bloomberg today and although Samsung did not specifically mention Apple during their comments, what they did do is clearly offer some form of official stance on the encryption debate. Specifically, Samsung made the argument that protection customer data is one which is "extremely important" to them. Which although, vague does echo the sentiments made by every other tech company who has since come out in support of Apple. In terms of the actual case, Samsung did make it clear that they "have not decided whether to file an amicus brief in the current case." Although, this could be seen as being hesitant, the very fact that they have not decided yet and considering this is Apple we are talking about, their general response does seem to suggest that they very well might offer their support to a company they have long been at disagreements with.


However, Samsung did further comment on their own position on encryption and especially in respect to their customers by noting that "Ensuring trust in our products and services is our top priority." The written statement goes on to further confirm that their phones are encryption protected and that they "do not have backdoors." Furthermore, Samsung confirmed that they will work with law enforcement when required but explicitly stated that "any requirement to create a backdoor could undermine consumers' trust." Again, a sentiment which has been echoed by many of the tech companies who have publicly offered their support to Apple.

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