Samsung Says Tidal Acquisition Rumor “Not True”

March 4, 2016 - Written By Justin Diaz

Streaming music has been big business these past couple of years with all of the competition and various available services. The heavyweights, like Play Music, Spotify, Pandora, and Apple Music are ahead of the rest, but other services like Samsung’s own Milk Music and Jay-Z’s Tidal service are viable options for anyone looking to pick up something different. Both Milk Music and Tidal have been in the news a little more of late thanks to swirling rumors that Samsung may have been interested in acquiring Tidal. This is following reports that Jay-Z reportedly met with Samsung’s Milk Music chief at Samsung headquarters back in October, and a much more recent rumor from today that Samsung would be shutting down Milk Music in light of moving forward with the purchase of the Tidal streaming music service.

While a meeting with Samsung’s Milk Music chief may seem like a reason to believe that an acquisition will take place, or at the very least that talks regarding an acquisition were underway, Samsung has offered an official confirmation that rumors of the Tidal acquisition are not true. Having said that, they made no mention as to the rumors about Milk Music shutting down. For now, Milk Music is still alive and well and is continuing to offer users the ability to stream music at no cost from their devices.

What this leaves users with is likely a lot of unanswered questions. Tidal users will probably be wondering if there are any major changes that will be made to the service. Likewise, users of Samsung’s Milk Music are probably wondering about now whether or not Samsung will continue to operate Milk Music, and if not, how long would it be before the service shuts down. It’s worth mentioning that there is no proof that Milk Music is shutting down at all, there is simply a rumor, and a statement from Samsung that makes no reference to Milk Music but rather just the acquisition of Tidal. Whatever the case may be, it’s probably safe to assume that Tidal will continue on as is. The rumor surrounding Milk Music is a different story, but chances are more details will surface soon if the service truly is to be shuttered. For now, users of both can continue to enjoy the music they love from a service they love.