Samsung Music Beta App Pushed To The Play Store

Samsung Music Galaxy S7 Edge 01

Samsung and its music services is a topic which has been hitting the headlines extremely frequently over the last few weeks. This was largely due to two rumors developing. The first was that Samsung is planning to close down its Milk Music service and the second was that Samsung could be looking to acquire a different music streaming service, namely Tidal. As you might expect with two developing rumors like those, it was starting to be thought that the first might be a result of the second. Although, this was a point Samsung were quick to point out as not true.

Irrespective and regardless of the situation with Milk Music, Samsung does seem to be pushing forward with its ‘Samsung Music’ app. This is an app which is in beta form and one which has this week seen it being pushed to the Play Store. This is pretty much a typical music app which looks to provide Samsung device owners with the ability to playback various supported track formats all within the confines of a Samsung-inspired app.


At the moment, it does seem that the pushing to the Play Store is only a move to allow for easier updating of the app in the future and not for the general public to download and use. Mainly, due to this being an app which only looks to be usable on a Samsung device. Not to mention, not all Samsung devices are supported. As it seems you do need to have a Samsung device which is running on Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) to make use of the app. For those thinking about sideloading the app, you can try, but it is unlikely that it will work and certainly not on any device that is not running Marshmallow. Although, if you do own the latest Samsung Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge, then you should have no problems in installing the app. Either way, if you do have a Samsung device running on Marshmallow and would like to give the app a try, then you can find out more as well as download the app by heading through the link below.