Rumor: HTC Signs Three-Year Nexus Contract

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While many of the more high-profile smartphones have been coming through or being rumored upon, one particular set of smartphones are seeing some interesting rumors emerge. This is of course, Nexus. While the latest smartphones in the Nexus range are not expected to arrive until nearer the end of this year, a couple of months ago one specific rumor generated masses of attention. This was the rumor that HTC is building the next Nexus. In fact, the rumor suggested that HTC will be building two Nexus smartphones, ones which were soon afterwards rumored by another tipster to be codenamed T50 and T55.

Now, another new rumor is beginning to surface and this one is a somewhat radical rumor. Last year, Google broke the mold by releasing two Nexus smartphones together. While the most recent rumors are suggesting another two handsets this year (one with a 5-inch display and one with a 5.5-inch display), the most recent rumor details that not only are HTC leading the Nexus range this year, but they could be for the next three years.


The details are extremely limited and are certainly very much just a rumor for now. However, the report details that HTC has reportedly signed a three-year agreement with the Nexus program. The details of such a deal are virtually non-existent. So for instance, it is not clear if HTC will be releasing all of the smartphones for Nexus in the three years, one per year, a different device (phone, tablet, etc) each year or otherwise. All the rumor really states is the confirmation that the three-year agreement between HTC and Nexus has been reached. However, the report does detail that the reason for the agreement is that Alphabet is extremely happy with the progress made on the currently rumored two HTC Nexus handsets for 2016. Of course, if this rumor does pan out to be true, then it would seem likely that it won’t be as straightforward as the headline assumes and it is likely that both companies will have various ‘outs’ if and when needed. After all, the idea of HTC building the next Nexus is a divisive issue at the moment. So it is likely any agreement that is in place will be one which is highly dependent on what happens towards the end of this year.