Retail Listing Suggests LG G5's CAM Plus Will Cost $69.99


The LG G5 is the latest handset from LG and ever since its formal introduction at MWC last month, it has generated quite a lot of attention. You might think that a device which was being announced on the same day as the latest device(s) from Samsung may need to have some unique selling points to generate headlines and thankfully the LG G5 did, due to its more modular design where users can essentially hot swap out certain components. Components which LG affectionately dubbed as the G5's "friends".

Since then though, firm details on these friends have been a little limited and especially when it comes to the LG CAM Plus. This is a friend which can be attached to the G5 and essentially provides a grip for the camera, as well as a better ability to control advanced camera features. However, the price of such a useful accessory has yet to be fully disclosed by LG. During the announcement for the Canadian release of the G5, LG did confirm that the value of the CAM Plus would be $99 in Canada. Following which, a report out of South Korea suggested (based on a direct currency conversion) the price might be more towards $85. Now it seems we are starting to get a slightly better idea of what the price might be for the CAM Plus in the U.S.


It looks like B&H is one of the first online retailers to nail their prices to the mast as they are currently listing the LG CAM Plus and with the listing, comes a $69.99 price. Of course, this does not confirm fully that this will be the price of the CAM Plus but at least does provide further scope to where the CAM Plus will likely be positioned at. Not to mention, is the first proper U.S. relevant pricing that has come through and therefore seems like a more likely figure for U.S. buyers then either the Canadian or Korean announcements. Of course, if you are planning to pick up an LG G5 when they become available, then it looks like the listing is also now allowing you to pre-order the CAM Plus as well.

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