Report: Facebook To Add 'Secret Conversations' To Messenger


Encryption is one of the aspects which just cannot stay out of the headlines at the moment. Although the topic of encryption is one which has been discussed for some time in the smartphone industry, the topic was literally ignited when a disagreement between Apple and the FBI came to light. A disagreement which has now led to not only a rising of the general debate, but also a number of tech companies coming out and joining the debate. Interestingly, following the initial reports, one particular report came out detailing that companies like Facebook and Google were planning on upping their stance on encryption by introducing new encryption-focused services. One of which, further details now seem to be emerging on.

A report out of The Information today details that within the code of the Facebook Messenger app highlights a new feature which looks set to be announced. While the code does not go into specifics on the new feature, the report does detail that the feature is being called "Secret Convesations". As a result, the assumption is that this will be a method employed to offer Facebook Messenger users a way to engage with each other through 'end to end' encrypted messages. Much the same as what is offered with other secure messaging services like Telegram and WhatsApp.


However, encryption aside, the inclusion of the Secret Conversations in the code, is only reference to one new feature that has been spotted. The report goes on to detail that Facebook Messenger users will be able to make use of addition in-app features like the ability to purchase goods from within the app and then collect them in-person from a store. As well as a feature which will allow Messenger users to sync their calendars within the app. Of course, with these features appearing in the code, while it does hint at the likelihood that they are near to being announced, there are no firm details on when this will actually occur. Although, it does certainly seem to be the case that a number of new features are set to be included in an update at some point.

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