Reddit User Shares His Galaxy S7 Edge Battery Experience

Doesn't matter how expensive a smartphone is, there's a problem that is commonplace to all devices - battery life. While hardware such as processors, RAM, cameras and displays advance really quick, current battery technology still struggles to balance between energy density and dimension. As a result, smartphone users have to worry constantly about being near a wall plug to fill up the juice in their devices. Smartphone makers have been implementing measures to optimize power consumption such as smart modes that turn power-hungry features on and off, low-power modes, and so on, but still, depending on the size, you are lucky to make it through the day. Nowadays, the best solution for this is still having a phablet with a huge battery.

In a not so distant past, Samsung was known for making excellent handsets with really poor performance and battery life, mainly thanks to its software overlay that used to have a plethora of features that most people didn't even know they existed. After enraging users and seeing its profits slump, the company committed itself to cut down useless and power-hungry features of TouchWiz. The results are still far from ideal and last year Galaxy S6 & S6 edge did disappoint lots of users regarding their battery life. However, S6 is in the past now and all eyes are turned for the Galaxy S7, which will go on sale a week from now. One user, though, managed to put his hands on a device unit and shared in Reddit their experience with the Galaxy S7 edge battery with a single charge. The results were pretty good and the phone lasted impressive 1 day and 6 hours from 100 to 2%. The user declares he's a moderate user, with some Twitter, Reddit, Instagram and Snapchat usage, a few YouTube videos here and there, browsing on Chrome and texting & calling.

This is a preliminary result and it was one of the first charges the user got on their phone. On the same Reddit thread, there are other users already complaining after more charges. Samsung did a good job increasing the battery capacity from the S6 and you add it to Quick Charge and Wireless Charging and it can minimize the number of times you run out of power - or have to control your usage. The Galaxy S7 edge has a bigger battery but it also comes with a bigger display, meaning one thing balances the other, but it still should last a little bit longer than the smaller S7. You can check what the user experienced with screenshots from the device's power consumption in the images below.

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