Real-Time Multiplayer 'Clash Royale' Goes Global On Android


Supercell is best known for their mega-hit strategy game Clash of Clans which pits players against each others bases and defenses. Earlier this year though they also announced a brand new game that would be making its way to both Android and iOS called Clash Royale, obviously set within the Clash of Clans universe with some of the same characters but taking on a totally different type of play style. Clash Royale was first launched back in the beginning of January, it didn't come to Android until the end of last month and at the time, it was only launched in a few regions including Canada, New Zealand, Denmark, Hong Kong and more.

As of today, though, Supercell has launched Clash Royale on Android globally which means anyone who has wanted to get their hands on this new strategy game from the creators of Clash of Clans can now partake in the real-time multiplayer experiences that it has to offer. Since Clash Royale is a free title players can expect to come across quite a few in-app purchases although like Clash of Clans and other freemium game titles these will be purely optional, and will be there to help speed up the process of timed elements or to award players with items immediately that they would otherwise have to acquire through time spent playing.


During gameplay you can earn trophies, and as you battle other players you can duel them in real-time and victory rewards you with the trophies from your opponents. Likewise you can also lose your own trophies if you're defeated. Players can also unlock more rewards by earning chests which can contain any number of useful in-game items like new cards or items to help boost abilities. To win the matches players will need to destroy their opponents towers which can also earn them chests and epic crown chests, so aside from simply winning and being crowned victorious there is an incentive to winning more matches. Instead of building up bases and defenses, players will be focusing on gathering cards of different types and building an unbeatable deck with which to take into battle with them. For new players who aren't familiar with card type strategy games Supercell has even implemented something called Royale TV which allows players to learn battle tactics and how to build the best deck. If you're interested in Clash Royale you can pick it from the Play Store as of now.


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