Race for Freedom of Expression in Splash Cars

March 16, 2016 - Written By Alexander Maxham

Ready for another racing game? Of course you are. With Splash Cars, this isn’t your typical racing game. In fact what you are doing is leaving a colorful trail of paint behind you. Of course, the cops are always on your tail waiting to catch you and will chase you across the world to catch you. So be careful when you are driving off-road, as those pesky cops are sitting in wait for you. You’ll want to be quick and break the cop chase before they catch you. In Splash cars, you’re able to express yourself using colors and your own style.

As the developer states, you’ll be able to “race for freedom of expression”. Within the game you are also free to choose your own style from a ton of different but original splash paint cars, and there are more coming in future updates. In the game, you can also choose and use different power-ups to sabotage the cops and then supersize your car. You can also convert public servants to help you with your cause, which is to paint the town in your own colors and style.

These splash cars are pretty awesome machines and have a big bang. You’ll get a pretty promising paint road racer here in Splash Cars, you also break free from the shackles of conformity and can also break others free from the shackles of comformity. This is somewhat of a easy game, as far as the plot goes, but it is a pretty fun and addicting game based on our time with the game and the reviews on Google Play.

Splash Cars is a free game over on the Google Play Store. However there are some in-app purchases included. These items start at $0.99 and range up to $17.77 per item. So this could become a pretty costly game. However, you don’t need to pay anything to play it, which is always a good thing. Splash Cars also has Google Play Games support, allowing you to compete against your friends as well as earn achievements and climb up the leaderboard against your friends and every other player of Splash Cars.