Pebble Time 3.10 Brings Jumbo Emoji, In-App Languages

March 7, 2016 - Written By Daniel Fuller

Some may say that Pebble’s offerings, such as the Pebble Time and Pebble Steel, aren’t quite as full-featured as Android Wear or the Apple Watch in some ways. While the feature set may be a little less full-bodied on the Pebble lineup, it has the basics nailed down and features a lot of choices, including low-priced hardware and great battery life compared to most smartwatches in the market, leading to the popularity that Pebble enjoys today. Naturally, popular software and hardware will get updates fairly regularly and for a long time. Today, the Pebble Time snagged itself an update to version 3.10 of the Pebble software. The update brings a decent number of nifty new features and bug fixes with it.

The headline feature of this update is jumbo emoji, referred to tentatively and halfheartedly as “jumboji” in the changelog. When a message containing only one emoji pops up on the Pebble Time’s screen, the single emoji featured will blow up to fill most of the screen. The other big feature of the update is support for more languages in the Pebble app for Android. Adding to the current crop of languages, the app now supports English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish. To change the language in the app, all you have to do is change the language on your phone. Also on board for the Android app are improvements to the Send Text app and some general bug fixes. The iOS version of the app got itself a full redesign, as well as the improvements from the Android version’s update, bringing iOS users up to version 3.10 as well.

The new version of the Pebble Time app for Android is already available on the Play Store and the firmware update for the watch itself should be available as well. The new features on board bring the Pebble line, the Pebble Time in particular, one step closer to being as feature-rich and fancy as any other smartwatch, while maintaining the simplistic and utilitarian Pebble aesthetic. Hit up the source link for the full changelog for the firmware, Android app and iOS app, as well as the link to the Play Store to download the updated Android app.