Pear Sports Launches their Fitness App on the Gear S2

March 8, 2016 - Written By Alexander Maxham

One thing that most smartwatches and other wearables have in common is the ability to track your movement, and also get you motivated to do more. We’ve seen a few fitness apps launch on Android Wear, Apple Watch, Pebble’s OS as well as Tizen for the Gear smartwatches from Samsung. These smartwatches all have heart rate monitors, making them perfect compliments for getting your workout in and seeing how well you’re doing. Pear Sports have launched today for the Gear S2, joining the ever-growing list of apps that are compatible with the Gear S2 and it’s rotating bezel.

Pear Sports works great with the heart rate monitor on the Gear S2. What the app does ┬áis, it essentially acts as your personal fitness coach. To keep you going and go that much further each and every day. However, one caveat to using Pear Sports is the fact that you do need to keep your smartphone within Bluetooth range of your Gear S2. Within the app, you can see how far you’ve run as well as how many calories you burned on your run. Both measurements are important to any serious runner. Now with the Gear S2 having that sweet looking bezel that rotates on it, Pear Sports uses the rotating bezel to scroll between screens. Making for a great user experience.

While Pear Sports can track your runs, that’s not really the big deal. As there are a slew of apps already available for the Gear S2 that can do that. Pear Sports also has a bunch of custom training programs. According to the company, these programs have been designed by Olympians and some of the best trainers around the world. So if you’re wondering if you’ll get a good workout from these programs, that’s a resounding yes. Especially if you’re not as in shape as you’d like to be. To celebrate the launch of Pear Sports on the Gear S2, Pear Sports is offering 3-months free for anyone that downloads the app from the Galaxy Apps store. Remember, the Gear S2 works with all Android devices, and not just Samsung devices. So if you’ve been on the fence about grabbing the Gear S2, this might tempt you into picking it up.